Every dollar spent on email marketing generates $38 in ROI

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter

Indexing 22 million US businesses

Fully-managed cold email marketing for B2B sales teams

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    Reach business decision-makers

    Our list of 22 million decision makers at US businesses has been curated as a result of incredible effort and investment. The good news is that you can leverage our work and enjoy the use of our list to send your promotional emails.

    We can also segment the list by location, industry, company size, job title, and other variables.

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    Complete turnkey service

    EmailPanther offers a fully-managed service for your business, including a targeted business email list, high-quality email servers, HTML email design, sales copywriting, open/click analytics, and ongoing optimization. Let EmailPanther do all the work while you focus on closing.

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    We partner with household brands in email infrastructure

    No matter how sophisticated your email publishing practices, your inbox placement success rests on your infrastructure.

    By partnering with well-established email service providers, we proactively avoid deliverability issues and ensure every campaign maximizes inbox placement. We pay top-dollar to provide access to strong whitelisted IP and domain infrastructure. Our prices are all-inclusive.

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Customer Testimonials

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"We were able to generate 10x more leads for 5x less money. It works like a magic! Three years of working with EmailPanther since 2019 and have been recommending its service to every friend who runs a business."

Alexey Savin
HAY! Straws

“Wow! I just finished my fourth meeting this week with a highly qualified and relevant business lead that came directly from Email Panther outreach. I have been utterly blown away by the results that Email Panther has generated, which have been far beyond any other service I've used for marketing my business and connecting with new prospects. Every aspect of the experience with Email Panther has been superlative. The onboarding process was quick and easy, and Email Panther crafted a perfectly worded email that is hitting the mark with potential customers."

Melissa Dowler
Director of Marketing
Long Haul Films

"Great service! EmailPanther saves me many hours a week, provides excellent performance, and, most importantly, drives my company revenue up! You won’t find a better deal elsewhere."

Tima Fey

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Easiest business arbitrage: the risk/reward of a well-written cold email is so wildly favorable, and yet so few people will actually send one.

Andrew Reed, Sequoia Capital