Our highly-effective lead generation process:

Research Your Market
Filter Leads by Location
Filter Leads by Industry Type
Filter Leads by Company Size
Activate Email Campaign
Analyze Data and A/B Testing

Research Your Market

Getting your message into the right hands at companies you want to target has never been easier. We’ve combined the power of our industry-leading business database with high-quality email design.

Customer Profile
Email Campaign from Lead Generator

Filter Leads by Location

Target local businesses by specifying which zip codes you'd like to include, or by specifying a mile radius from your office.

Filter Leads by Industry Type

Specify which industries you want to include in your email campaign. Every business in our database is indexed by its Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code.

Customer Profile, risk metrics

Filter by Company size

Most of our records include information on number of employees and approximate annual revenue, so you can narrow your list by specifying whether you're looking for small, medium, or large organizations.

Design and Send Your Email Campaign

We fully manage your ongoing promotional email campaign to ensure maximum deliverability and efficacy. Our goal is to ensure your campaign delivers maximum return on your marketing investment.

Segmentation Chart
R Console

Analyze ROI and Conduct Revisions

Track propensity to click, churn risk, lifetime value and other user metrics. Incorporate these into segments or future email campaigns to increase your ROI.

Easiest business arbitrage: the risk/reward of a well-written cold email is so wildly favorable, and yet so few people will actually send one.

Andrew Reed, Sequoia Capital (Forbes Lists 30 Under 30)

Fully-Managed Email Marketing Service

Our team is passionate about connecting you with the right audience. We've honed our skills in pinpoint targeting, ensuring your message resonates with the perfect prospects. Our all-inclusive service takes care of everything – from crafting the content to delivering and tracking your emails. You're not simply buying a static email list from us. You're partnering with us to access dynamic curated email data with over half a million updates on a daily basis. We also handle the sending using our state-of-the-art infrastructure. So, take a breather and let us handle your campaign. This way, you'll be all set and in the perfect position to connect with the leads as they roll in.

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